Wednesday, March 28, 2007

5 Quirks

I've been tagged by Mel... to share 5 quirks or eccentricities of mine.

1. I hate leaving dishes to be done later after a meal... they HAVE to be done as soon as we have finished eating and cleared the table.

2. I have this thing about flies. I stalk them with the fly spray. I know, I know... terribly bad chemicals etc but I just can't bear having them around.

3. My day doesn't feel properly started unless I can have a shower. And the shower has to be HOT. Like nearly stinging hot. If I don't have a shower I feel gross for the whole day.

4. I always eat my meat last at mealtimes. This stems from my mum telling me to eat my veges first.

5. I like to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom up. DH and DS squeeze in the middle. Ack!

Hmmm - not that interesting really!
I tag Amy and Heather if they have time and feel like doing this.


  1. It's funny looking at others quirks they have listed, several have been quite similar...... until I get to yours, yours are quite different. Not that that is bad! You wouldn't want to come to my house, dishes are often left till the next day, and heaven forbid, sometimes I don't shower, ..... which leads to flies (nah, just kidding!)

  2. you quirky girl, you.
    i'll try to get on this later in the week. :)

  3. Trina6:13 pm

    Always interesting to find out little things like this. I used to be a dishes girl STRAIGHT after, now it can wait as long as they are done BEFORE bed!

  4. love them. Have been having fun reading peoples quirks. As for th dishes I sometimes go with how I am feeling. I hate the mesiness of them but if people are around I would rather chat and entertain than do the dishes. We have no dishwasher so they are done by hand.

  5. I'm thinking that some of my *have to*s have become *like to*s (because the other person in the house has different ideas!! LOL)
    I too stalk the flies with flyspray despite a greenie philosophy ... I just hate flies hanging around! (and dishes ... I hate dishes sitting around too).

  6. angela! you wally you! LOL :-D

  7. LOL I have your quirks 1,3 & 5.

  8. i finally did it. :)

  9. I have to have a shower first thing, too - even if I'm going to the gym in an hour. . Then I have 2 showers that day (and sometimes a bath at night) - call me a clean freak! Oh, and I clean my teeth about 5 times a day!

  10. have to agree with 1 & 3