Thursday, March 01, 2007

Somehow this doesn't work

From Popgadget
Instead of putting the belt around your waist, why not try your ankle?

I suppose it would be easy to find your phone when it rang, unlike me now ... I scrabble through my handbag trying to find the thing. If I had one of these I could just grab it off my leg... yeah right.

Does your dog like bubbles? Here's the toy for you then. The bubbles are even chicken-scented. *cringe*


  1. I doubt I could stand in those shoes on one leg to answer the phone! And dog bubbles?? (Have to admit Gazillion bubble mix is the best though!)

  2. I'm with Sharon, I doubt I could stand in those shoes for starters let alone asnwer the phone. It seems so LA Dahhhhh-ling.....

  3. call me old fashioned but I think I'll stick with keeping it in my jeans pocket!

  4. LOL that is Too Funny. Does it work with jandals .. or only high heels, do you think??

  5. Could we start a trend?

    (Could I wear those heels?)