Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Yesterday was such a lovely day we went to the beach for a picnic. On the way back to the car I managed to catch my foot on the edge of the path and sprain my ankle. So now I'm hobbling around and taking panadol for the pain. I'd take something for the swelling but everything seems to be contra-indicated for breastfeeding so looks like I'm stuck in that respect.

After coming into our room and seeing this... I decided it was time to move DD to a proper cot. After panicking because I couldn't find the cot screws, DH calmly brought them out from his "safe place" that he'd stowed them when we took it down last time. So now the cot is squeezed into the room with DS. We sure do need more room around here. We've been trying to work out what is our best option.
  • Selling?
  • Sub-dividing and getting some cash that way?
  • Renovating?

I visited the council to get a copy of our original house plans because we would like to put on a deck. We have a ranch slider that opens out into thin air and mistakingly assumed that this meant the original plans would have provision for a deck and thus we wouldn't have to get a permit for it. How wrong we were! It seems that in 1966, the latest thing was to have a ranch slider opening out into thin air. Nice.

While I was there I inquired about sub-dividing our section but we are just a tad too small for that to happen. So that option is out.

We could sell up. But it's unlikely we'd get the amount we'd need to get the kind of house we would like. So that would mean borrowing more which might be an option once I go back to work.

So it's possibly best for us to investigate renovating. If the cost of renovating is less than the NZ$200,000 extra we'd need to buy the house we'd like then it's probably the way to go.

I do get sick of stressing about money. It's times like these I feel like I should go back to work. I know it's just for a season while the children are small, and they probably don't notice the lack of space. But DD can't be in the same room with DS once they are older.

Money, money, money as the song says...


  1. I can relate to the feeling of stressing about money. Sorry tp hear about your ankle, now I know you are a busy mum but I hope you are getting a chance to keep it elevated. Phew at husband locating his hands on those screws in his safe place.

  2. One income is so much harder. And I hope your DD appreciates the pain you are going through on her behalf! Hope the ankle feels better soon :)

  3. ouch and oh dear. hope you enjoy planning the renovating :)

  4. Hope you're managing to rest your ankle a bit, and don't let the money situation get you down!

  5. Isn't chocolate great for pain? I'm sure it is! LOL

  6. Mostly it seems to make sense to renovate especially if you like the area you live in. You'll also save on real estate agent fees etc. It's always such a big decision.

    Hope that ankle gets better - did you consider arnica for the swelling? (Though personally I'd rather have voltaren - but that won't be good for bubs!)

  7. so sorry to hear about your ankle. i hope it heals quickly.

    good luck w/ the renovations. money woes suck.

  8. Anonymous3:14 pm

    yep that money thing is always a worry when you are down to one income. I keep telling hubby that we can do such and such when I go back to full time work! LOL