Friday, April 27, 2007

tagged... twice!!

OK - Ruth & Lucy both tagged me so I'd better do this! 7 random facts about me.
1. I am 33% geek according to a geek survey I did.
2. I love gardening but am terrible at weeding.
3. I would like to take up painting (as in art) one day.
4. I wanted to be a surgeon when I grew up but changed my mind when I didn't get into med school, (thank goodness). Then I wanted to be a marine biologist for a while but I get seasick while snorkeling. So I am one of the few librarians with a science degree.
5. I am a New Zealander but also have citizenship in Australia -my folks came to NZ to live and I was born here, but my Dad registered me in Oz too. I have had an Ozzie passport as well as an NZ one though I've let it lapse at present.
6. I started school at Primrose Hill Primary School in London. My Dad had a sabbatical there when we were little. I came home with a British accent. People tell me I still don't have a strong NZ accent.
7. I want to travel some more around the world but get air sick really easily. I've tried so many remedies!


  1. wow that is interesting about your education and upbringing. What an interesting life. Was your dad a Uni lecturer? So how did you get into the Librarian world? I still have a desire to be a childrens librarian.

  2. Great list, a scientific librarian huh? Oh to be surrounded by books all day - lovely!

  3. double-tagged eh!! :)
    interesting about those different career options. I didn't know science librarians were so rare : I was a student librarian in the engineering library at university and one of my engineering classmates became a librarian ... maybe I have rare friends!! LOL

  4. yep Janine, Dad is a dean at the uni up here :) I had an epiphany in my 2nd year at uni and decided what i liked most was learning information so I became a librarian to keep on learning!

    yep karen, we're a rare species! ;)

  5. well that all sounds very interesting

  6. MichelleTW8:43 pm

    Love the geek percentage... keep telling my daughter fall in love with a geek, they will treat you like a queen trying figure out how they got you... dont go for the rugby head!! Sterotypes arent that great!!