Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thoughts on finishing work

Tomorrow is my last day at work... paid work that is. It's a bitter-sweet moment.

  • I'm proud of what I've achieved while I've been working here. There's been a number of projects I have either been asked to run or have initiated.
  • I've developed as a librarian professionally and also in terms of my personal development.
  • I have enjoyed working with a variety of hard-working, friendly colleagues.
  • The tertiary institute who employs me has been a mostly benign and sometimes even generous employer for whom I would gladly work for again.
  • I won't miss the various frustrating issues that have had me despairing of ever bringing this library into the Web 2.0 era
  • I won't miss the awful coffee in the staff room and the ludicrously priced food there. ($2.00 for a small pot of yoghurt? I don't think so!)
  • I will miss my pay packet and am not looking forward to having to live on one income
  • I will miss the interaction and intellectual stimulation from working with my colleagues and our clients.
  • I will miss the opportunities for career advancement and professional development
  • I will miss the validation and affirmation that paid employment brings to my sense of well-being
  • I can look forward to meeting my new baby
  • My week will not be so stressful because I won't have just 2 days to run errands! Well, that's the theory.
  • I will be able to do stuff with my other SAHM friends that I've had to decline in the past
These last few days have been tricky. On one hand I've been a little bored because things are quiet. Obviously starting a new project is not really worth it because I can't follow it through and my replacement won't start immediately. At the same time, there are a few projects that will continue without me and I won't be around to see them come to fruition which makes me sad.

People mean well when they say, "Oh well, you won't have to worry about that" but I'm afraid I am a bit over sensitive about such comments. My brain doesn't just switch off. I am still a person capable of intellectual thought and reasoning. My focus and priorities are going to change, it is true, but I retain an interest in my profession.

On the whole I feel positive about the next 12 months. I don't think I'll be returning to work (it's not financially viable to work part time with 2 kids in daycare), but if necessary I could. In the meantime, I'm going to focus on my family, friends and try and enjoy the challenges life throws up!


  1. I know the feeling - it is bitter sweet - but at least you have exciting times to look forward to :)

  2. Penny I am thinking of you over the next few days. I can certainly empathise with your bitter sweet moments. I certainly think you will have some exciting moment sto look forward too.....can't wait to see photos of your latest addition to the family.

  3. so much to look forward to :-)

  4. Wow - this is an exciting time for you isn't it? I didn't realise you were going to stop paid work for a while... Notice I said: paid work - because imho you are probably going to be working just as hard (if not harder) as you would if you were going in to an office every week day.

  5. Wow that time seems to have come round sooo quickly. Hope you are adjusting to being at home now and enjoying some "me" time.