Tuesday, November 28, 2006


  • Christmas puddings. Check. Yum, yum, wanted to eat them as soon as they were cooked!
  • Christmas cake. Check. Feeding it with rum now... hick.
  • Sew some breastfeeding tops. Check.
  • Take up second hand maternity skirts so they aren't around my ankles. Check.
  • Bassinette set up. Check. *sentimental sweet moment*
  • Drawers in spare room cleaned out. Check - 2 bags of rubbish removed! But what do I do with all this writing paper I never use anymore?
  • Baby clothes in cleaned out drawers. Check. *another sentimental sweet moment*
  • DS clothes weeded so the too small stuff is now in storage. Check.
  • Tidy up garage shelves. Check.
  • Clean out cupboard in spare room and store stuff on the garage shelves. Check.
  • Scrapbooking & sewing stuff packed away neatly in cupboard. Check. Boo hoo! But at least I can get it out easily enough.
  • Make extra at dinner time so I have some meals to freeze. Check. Should do some more though.

Stuff still to do
  • Christmas shopping - this week and next
  • Pack labour bag and DS's "going to Nan's house" bag
  • Clean kitchen cupboards and venetian blinds (ick ick ick)
  • Weed garden, plant more lettuce and radishes, stake tomatoes and get more netting for beans to climb on. Plant more veges.
  • Clean windows.
  • Wash baby clothes, sling and baby gym stuff.
  • Sterilise breast pump and accessories.
  • Take DS's kindy enrolment form in
Haven't been blogging much because of all this stuff to do.


  1. wow Penny I am exhausted reading your list!! You are ver organised.....love the warm fuzzy moments

  2. gosh you've had plenty to keep you busy. Take time to rest too!

  3. Wow that's a long list. Like Janine I feel really tired reading it LOL

  4. colour me impressed!! you're amazing!

  5. ahhh, just abou there :-)

  6. wow! you definitely have a lot to do. good thing you are done with work now (or almost done?) to make time for all of these things. :)
    how much longer do you have anyway?? i'm so excited for you to meet your newbie.