Tuesday, November 07, 2006

On the countdown

I'm 32 weeks, coming up 33 weeks on Friday 10th Nov.
- 7 weeks until my due date
- 6 weeks until Christmas
- 3 weeks until my last day at work (13 days of actual work since I'm part-time)

I'm measuring on track though I do think I'm smaller this time around. I'm hoping that is because my eating habits have improved since my last pregnancy. I need to weigh myself at my appointment on Thursday but I'm pretty sure my weight gain has not been so significant like with DS.

My midwife has recommended drinking raspberry leaf tea now and has some other herbal/homeopathic remedies up her sleeve for later on. She says she likes to do this for second-timers, especially for those who had difficult births for their first. With DS I had some problems relating to the fact he was posterior. One day I might post his birth story, but basically it was quite a long labour (26 hours), my cxs were inefficient so I had to have syntocin, 2 x epidurals, 5 bags of IV fluids, and ended up with a ventouse extraction because I could not push him out.

I am so hoping that this time will be different. I don't know that I have the strength of character to go totally natural, but even if I can get away with no augmentation and a normal vaginal birth I'll be happy.

We have got 2 more things to borrow or buy - a changing table and a new pram. Our old pram is fine, but bulky and I'd like to sell it. DH would like a mountain buggy one which has a shorter wheel base and can be taken on bush walks more easily. Plus the accessories for it a easily obtainable here.

This pregnancy has gone so fast. Unlike the first one, I've no time to daydream about the new baby. I'm trying to savour the little moments now - the movements of the baby within, the stretching of my tummy, the calm before the storm!

I'm so lucky that I have had 2 easy pregnancies. Of course there are the normal aches, pains, irritating things. Like turning over in bed - it takes me about 3 movements! My hips go numb after a while and I am also getting leg cramps. But so far things have been textbook normal.


  1. Wow! I didn't realise it's all happening so soon! I hope it all goes well for you :)

  2. wow there are some things to look forward to there Penny. You look blooming beautiful. Oh I drink raspberry tea for menstrual problems. I can't say I love the flavout but it does help. Eeeeks at that labour.

  3. Not long to go now then!! You are looking great - and I hope things are easier this time around :-)

  4. Wow, that time has gone so quickly - enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy. You look great in that pic.

  5. Cool, the countdown makes it seem so much closer!! Wishing you all the best. Sounds like your pregnancy is going to plan :-)

  6. glad to hear this pregnancy is going so well, penny. you look fabulous!

    i hear you on rolling over in bed. it's like an olympic event for me too. ;)

    i think you will have a much smoother birth this time around. different pregnancy, different baby.
    thinking positive thoughts for you. :)

  7. wow not long to go at all!! Have you done all your Christmas shopping??

  8. best wishes for the next few weeks - you're right that 2nd & subsequent pgs seem to go quicker. You look gorgeous - how's this baby's position shaping up? - not another posterior I hope - my first was facing the best way but refused to tuck her chin to her chest so took some synto etc to get her moving too! No. 2 was soo much easier - at home & a total of 3 hours from go to woe!

  9. wow, the home stretch. i hope everything continues to go so smoothly.