Monday, October 16, 2006

Things are getting back to normal - Yay!

Thanks for the well wishes folks *heart* I'm happy to report that things seem to be back to normal for DS. He's certainly normal enough to return to ratbag behaviour! I forgot to post about my beanbag saga - heh.

During the course of the week the beanbag got puked on so I naturally wanted to wash the cover. So I filled 3 boxes & 2 nappy buckets with the beans and plonked the cover into the machine... simple you would think. Come to hang out the washing later and I discover that I *should* have zipped up the cover before washing it since there were beans still hiding inside. I hate to think of how many beans are now floating their way through the water ways courtesy of ME! *blush*

Fast forward another day.
DH staying home to look after our poor sick boy.
Witness another puke+beanbag incident.
DH thinking: "Must clean up bean bag again; how to do this efficiently?"
DH carrying bean bag outside. Turning on hose. Squirting beanbag to clean up!!!!
Me coming home: "Why is the beanbag on the back steps all wet?"
DH (sheepishly): "It seemed a good idea at the time!"
Beanbag gets emptied again of the now wet polystyrene beans. Cover goes in wash.
DS getting better. Decides that his Mobilo blocks should be buried in the boxes of beans.....

The result - I spend pretty much all morning cleaning up the mountain of beans that have escaped and coated our loungeroom. The beans are now back in the beanbag and they are staying there!


  1. wow! i never thought about what you do with a beanbag like that when puked on. i can't believe you had to empty the darn thing twice. hope it stays clean from here on out so you don't have to deal with all of that again.

  2. oh I am sorry but I had to laugh, especially about dh and his technique!! I thought bean bags were spose to be low maintenance....

  3. LOL, sorry Penny, but that really had me laughing

  4. oh dear LOL third time lucky???