Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Stuff about Blogger Beta

Good Things
  • The ability to add labels to my post... saves and extra step since I used before. I know it's the librarian in me to want to categorise!
  • The layout editing function is nice, sort of. I can't seem to add my gecko picture to the header yet. Will have to work that one out. Might ask my workmate who knows more about xml than me. But it is easier to add things like javascript etc to the sidebar now.
  • Dashboard is nicer and tells me how many posts I've made... only 66 so far.
  • Comment notifications in my email tell me which post the comment comes from - before I'd have to guess.
Not so good things
Karen tells me she can't comment. Karen - you can still comment by choosing the "other" category and pasting in your Wordpress address I believe.
I thought I had a problem commenting on non-beta-blogs earlier but now it seems fine. According to the Known Issues For Blogger in Beta Blog this bug has been fixed. But I don't know about non-blogger users.

If you're thinking of switching I'd say go for it if you're comfortable playing around with your blog a bit afterwards to customise it. If you're not so comfortable with the "playing" then I'd leave it a bit longer so they can iron out the issues.


  1. I love how word press emails you with a comment on the specific post, makes my life easier. Karen I just cut and paste my blog address in the web page box.

  2. Thanks for the review Penny, might have to change over. Hope they bring out the feature where you can email back to commenters directly like in wordpress.

  3. Okay, I was writing my webaddress as ... I'll see if it makes any difference doing a copy-paste from the address bar. You know you could get all these features (and the direct email) by switching to wordpress! :-) And smilies too.

  4. Okay copying-and-pasting the address works! But I still reckon you could switch to wordpress and get even more control (check out my post about the *favorite features* available at wordpress) :-)

  5. Yip I'm loving it and only prob from changing to beta is that my display name is Michelle. Need to get back my MichelleTW LOL