Monday, October 16, 2006

I feel like scrapping tonight!

Looking forward to my little group getting together tonight to scrap. Pity my Tarisota isn't here yet - I know, I know it's too soon but I'm getting anxious to fondle the stash!

Went to a primary school reunion on the weekend. It was actually quite interesting despite my initial misgivings about it. A few of our year turned up. It's funny how people look the same but somehow grow into their adult faces. I have some great memories from that school.

I was thinking about something that happened afterwards and now feel ashamed. One of the people from our year who turned up was someone who used to be a bit of a pariah. You know how cruel kids can be about people who are a little different. Well, this person was a bit different. The family were quite poor so this person didn't always have the nicest clothes, and sometimes cleanliness was a bit of an issue too. The silly thing was we found ourselves reacting to the presence of this person in exactly the same way as when we were 10 year olds. I don't think anyone of us said hello or anything either - not good, I should know better.

Interestingly, this person has obviously found a partner and has a child. If you had asked me if I thought this person would ever find a life partner I would have been sceptical. There's a verse in the Bible (Prov. 30:19) that talks about some things that are hard to understand, and one of them is "the way of a man with a maid"... and it's very true. We don't always understand what attracts one person to another, what other people see in someone else. But I'm glad to be proved wrong, and that they have found someone who can share in that special bond between two people.

eating humble pie....


  1. LOL the funny thing about meeting up with friends from childhood is you think you've changed, but your still the same, people can still spot you in a crowd, so maybe we don't change at all!!

  2. I'm not sure about the whole reunion thing - especially primary school. That was sooo long ago! It would be interesting to see how everyone ended up - but for many, I can't even remember their names! Shocking but true.

  3. Janine6:46 pm

    interestng post penny. I am not sure how I would have reacted in the same situation and I dont think anyone does until they are in it. But I am pleased you had a great evening other wise. Like that verse and how true...

  4. Interesting .. and makes me feel even LESS inclined to go to a school reunion LOL : more pariah than popular ...
    I guess we don't change very much ... attitudes can be fixed when very young ..

  5. interesting post where you can associated with being that kid, or the one in the group. Childhood certainly comes with a mix of memories:)

  6. We had a boy at school like that who always smelt I feel sorry for him now. Also when I was working at a primary school a beautiful little 6 year old who no one would sit with so sad. I was going to say when we are young we just don't realise but even as adults sometimes we can react similar. Interesting proverb shall look that one up.

  7. Yes Ruth - it's funny how I was able to recognise people even tho' they had grown up. Apparently I wasn't so easily recognised physically for some of them, but there were a few there I hadn't seen since intermediate school.

    Karen/Dianna -I thought I had "improved" in terms of my behaviour too but I was proved wrong! That's what makes it so embarrassing. I feel so bad about it now... spending some time on my knees about it helps though.