Friday, December 26, 2014


On Christmas eve we visited with my family and my sisters and I recreated a photo of us... Spot the 33 years differences!

On the first day of Christmas the children woke at 5.30 but having learned from past experiences I had told them that they could open 1 present each before we got up. Naturally they opened the biggest ones which were Lego, so that kept them occupied until we got up! My cunning plan worked.

We then drove up north to have Christmas with DH's family. Lunch features high on my Must Do Properly At Christmas, so leaving it to someone else is always a bit of a relinquishing of control thing for me. Happily there were good things to eat, not to mention 3 desserts!  We left the pavlova for next dinner.
After that it was time for a nap...

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