Saturday, December 27, 2014

#blog12daysxmas Boxing Day

On the second day of Christmas I got frustrated by my crochet projects. 
My baby coccoon I was making for a January baby (started the project in July) has turned out to be too small for a full term sproglet - my tension is probably the culprit. So... It's most likely going to be sent to NICU. I will have to think of another present for the newbie. (Not mine btw, far too old for that).
I had made a couple of booties earlier in the year, managing to get two different sizes despite using the same pattern and (I think) the same hook. I managed to make one matching one to at least get a pair, but they aren't as perfect as I'd like. Oh well. My sister is expecting and she seems keen to have them anyway. 
I have started making an amigurumi Totoro ( ) - let's hope I don't muck this one up.

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