Monday, August 31, 2009

Last day of August

and I'm having a sick day trying to recover from the "cold that never ends".

Some layouts I've done recently:

Reading back through my old posts recently and I realise my blog has got fairly boring - a fact reflected in the decreasing number of comments. Will have to muster up some enthusiasm for more interesting posts.


  1. Sorry to hear that you're still not well, Penny. Hopefully a sick day will help you recover fully.

    Great layouts, it's nice to see what you've been doing. The last one is my favourite. Love the wee birdie.

    Blogland as a whole is very quiet, so I wouldn't take it personally. A lot of people have slowed down their blogging frequency, and comment numbers are down almost everywhere. Sign of the times, I think (Facebook and Twitter taking over the world ... 'tis much easier to just write a new status update on FB than to write a whole blog post!)

  2. Ugh at still being sick.....hope you feel better soon. Love the photo in that layout of you and the kidlets leaning againts the wall.

    I second what Hannah said, its quiet in general, I dont blog much these days and my commenting had dropped dramatically as a result as well......I must confess though I am a slacker on FB and by the way your blog isnt boring.

  3. Penny, you have my 100% empathy re. the cold that never ends. It's good that you are using your sick days for YOU (most mothers use them up on their kids, lol) and having the rest you obviously need.

    Have you heard of, or tried, olive leaf extract? It's brilliant at getting rid of both viral and bacterial infections.

    I used the Comvita liquid form and got rid of a nasty (as in coughing up green stuff) chest infection a couple of months ago.

    I don't, and have never, found your blog boring.

    Love ALL our LOs!

    AND I think you look absolutely stunning in the photo with the kids where you are wearing the black dress!

  4. Me too - at home... worst thing about being sick is it's such a waste of a day... feel better chook

  5. I hope you're feeling better after a day resting. I love that l/o of you and your children and I don't think your blog is boring at all

  6. I don't think your blog is boring - and I do think we all seem to have less time these days. I cleared my entire feed a while ago because it was just getting too much.

    Get well soon Penny - love that last layout especially :)

  7. Yep me sick still too - since the last school holidays and the swine flu incident - can't throw the cough.

    I totally agree with Hannah and Janine - I only blog once every 10 days or so now and I've noticed fewer comments- we won't take it personally.

    Facebook is the new blog (but it's nt as nice so I'll keep reading your blog - and posting!).

  8. Like they said ... it's not you, or your blog interest level ... just the way of blogland these days. It's nice to see the layouts you've been scrapping and hope you can kick that cold ... hoping the one I've just got isn't going to hang around forever.

  9. Penny I hope you are feeling better now.

    I love the last layout, the one of you & the children.

  10. Like your LO's especially the last one :-)
    And I haven't found your blog boring ever! (I have been bad at commenting though the last 3 months sorry! Hope to be much better now I am back home!).
    Hope you are feeling heaps better now.