Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Menu planning!
Haven't done this for so long but need to get back into it, (plus the fortnightly shopping thing) so here it is...

Monday - Pre-frozen Frankfurter soup (left overs from last week)
Tuesday - Lamb & pune tagine (crockpot), rice, steamed veges
Wednesday - Feta & Spinach Filo pie, yams, cheese souffle
Thursday - Chicken Mussaman curry, some veges
Friday - Rissoles or similar, beetroot salad
Saturday - Lasagne with the usual stuff
Sunday - pizza

Baking: Firepot Cafe's Berry Slice, Cheesecake for a zert one night

And for next week:

Monday - Lentil and Sausage casserole (crockpot), rice & veges
Tuesday - Lamb & pea tagine, roast vege couscous
Wednesday - Potato/egg fritatta (from the Slater Kitchen diaries pg 119) with spinach salad
Thursday - Cockaleekie soup
Friday - an egg curry plus some other vege curry involving cauliflower
Saturday - TBA
Sunday - roast beef etc

Baking: TBA

As a celebration of Library week I've posted a Day in the Life log at my alternate blog Diligent Room.

Check out what is on at your local library. Today it's I <3 Library Week Website. Plus there are several competitions to enter if you're feeling creative!

DH and I had a weekend away (just the 2 of us). I've yet to organise photos from it for this blog, but you can see a couple he took at Wingspan and there are some on my Facebook.


  1. I too am pleased you are doing the menu planning here again because it gives me menu ideas when I run out of them, hee hee.

    The sound of the lamb and prune tagine is making me hungry. With a freezer full of homekill lamb we are always on the look out for new lamb recipes for the crockpot. When you have some time, please could I have the ingredients etc., Penny!

    Am rapt to read that you had a precious weekend away for two. Just checked out your DH's photos. He is one super talented guy!

  2. While you're on a cooking roll why don't you make double of everything and email me half?

  3. Hey! Guess what.... my birth father has some sort of involvement with Wingspan... I can't remember how or what so really this is of no interest... hahaa I just saw the name and my ears pricked up