Monday, May 25, 2009

I had a little pony

I made a little pony
I hoped you'd let it stay
'Cause Mummy has been anxious
For some cute hair dressing play

I've seen you by the mirror
Admiring your pretty self
I think that you resemble
A pixie or an elf

Oh - and that is a ginger beer bottle she's holding. An empty one.

Here are some layouts I managed to do on the weekend instead of weeding the garden.

"Bur-day 2u": this is what DD says when she sees a birthday cake. In fact, ANY cake is a birthday cake. If you ask her who's birthday it is, she will say, "Yidia!"

In case you didn't know you must sing "Burday 2 you, hip ray hip ray hip ray" whenever you have cake. I am sure you will do that now. Don't let me down.

I broke out the BG Lime rickey for this one. Love the paper, not sure I am happy with the layout.

This one is an attempt to scrapbook those inevitable "school" photos. I've created a pocket for the class one to go on the same layout (behind the pink dot PP). They laminated the class one much to my disgust. Again, this one didn't really turn out how I envisioned but never mind!


  1. Haha, that top photo is so funny and cute.

    What are you saying, Penny? You totally rocked the lime rickey, IMO!!!

    Go and have a look at the BG gallery and see the horrors posted there, then you will KNOW what I'm saying is true.

    Gee DD's vocab is coming along great guns. Love reading the things she has to say for herself. Keep 'em coming, Mum :)

  2. What a very cute little 'pony' :-) LOL at her holding the bottle. That's what M does with my lemon lime and bitters bottles hehehee
    Much more exciting to be scrapping than wedding your garden! LOL They look great Penny. And I am completely in agreement with you on the laminating of class photos ... why do they do that?

  3. these are gorgeous Penny. Love the lime Rickey paper use.

  4. Awww, cute little ponytail!
    I also hate that they laminate the class photos!!!

  5. Cute l/os! I write all over the photo order envelope "No laminate please" so far it's been fine

  6. I like the laminate! But then I have no intention of scrapping the class photos ... just collating them somehow ... and for now the kids carry them around and point out their friends. I just came across the school portraits from two years ago though ... really should do something with those! Love the lime rickey layout ... must get me some. And very cute kiddo you've got there. :o)

  7. Yidia is yovely!

  8. Those LO's are FAB! So bright and funky, both of them. I loooooooove colourful LO's at the moment, and the Lime Rickey is just perfect for that!!