Monday, May 04, 2009

thames layout & philosophical discussions with kids

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A follow up layout for the holiday photos.
My grandma died on Tuesday which naturally involved some discussion about death and funerals etc.

Mr 5: Why did MummysNan die?
Me: Well, her body was so old and worn out that God decided it was time for her to go to heaven. MummysNan is Pop's mummy so he's a bit sad right now.
Mr 5: Are you sad?
Me: Yes, I'm a bit sad too. So now we need to get ready for the funeral.
Mr 5: What's a funeral? *he's been to a few already but I think the word was new*
Me: A funeral is when we put MummysNan's body into the ground because we can't have her body with us anymore.
Mr 5: And the digger digs the hole!

And as we drove into the cemetary he saw the plot opened...
Mr 5: There's the hole that the digger made! That's where we are going to put MummysNan eh? Because she died eh?
Miss 2: Digger!

After a tanty incident involving an annoying little sister and the discman I was having a frank discussion with Mr 5.

Me(in a cross tone): Don't you know how to be good?
Mr 5 (in a small voice): Yes. But sometimes I forget.
Me: *melts*
Miss 2 (in the background in a smug, self-satisfied voice): Timmy naughty eh. Yes. Timmy naughty.

Stay tuned for Reading Round ups and the Book fo the Month review :-) Oh and a giveaway.. soon.


  1. Penny, I'm sorry to hear your grandmother passed away.

    Enjoyed reading the discussion you had with the kids. They really can teach us so much about being upfront and uncomplicated about life can't they?

    Love your layout. The purple and green look fab together!

  2. Ohh very nice LO.
    And I grinned to myself at your conversations with the kids. Only a boy could be diverted by a digger heheheee (L reminds me so much of M ... parrotting whatever big brother says!) Cute though huh :-)
    and LOL about L being so smug! Ahhh what I have to look forward to then huh!
    Hugs from me

  3. Lovely layout ... still have tent envy!

    Sorry to hear that your grandma passed away. It's good to have little conversations like that recorded ... very cute about the digger.

  4. Just got to love kids! I remeber having a discussion with my two when they were 5 and 6 about death and what happens to the body. We discussed cremation and what happens to the ashes. About two weeks later my MIL died and was cremated - my two were quite comfortable about everythingas the discussion was fairly recent in their minds

    Love that big swirl in the l/o

  5. sometimes i forget, too;)

    blessings and comfort to your family.

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