Saturday, December 06, 2008

Ostrich in action

Because I'm ignoring how much stuff I have to do before Christmas I'm here on my blog posting some photos.....

A layout of Missy Moo having a tanty in the corner of the bathroom and me making her laugh in the middle of her hissy fit.

My Dad retires this month from the University* having been there 36 years. As he said in his farewell speech, it was difficult to find many people to invite to the dinner who had been there for as long as he had! LOL! There was a nice mix of folks there from all areas of the University.

The dinner was very nice, held at Old Government House which is a lovely old building. Apparently it would cost 6 million to bring up to scratch which is such a shame because it really is a piece of history worth keeping.

My dad. He's my hero.

The dinner attendees (my mum, sister and DH and Dean of the faculty at the front table).

The menu!

* University of Auckland. I know Em, there is another uni in town these days but I still think of my alma mater as The University.


  1. It's a tricky one. Being a graduate from AU I call it THE UNIVERSITY too

  2. Gosh Penny, I just LOVE that layout! And the photos, you absolutely captured the moment!

    Congrats to your Dad. I'm an AU graduate too so also forget there are other Universities in the country ;-)

  3. Love your lo - such great pictures.
    36 years eh - go Dad.

  4. I love your layout, Penny, and DD is so very cute.

    Your dad looks like a lovely man! 36 years in one job is mindblowing by today's standards huh. When my Dad retired he had worked for the same company for a little over 40 years. Can't imagine doing that myself.

    Awesome to see your dad recognised for his hard work and loyalty and it is so neat that they invited the family to share the occasion with him. You don't always see sort of gesture.

  5. Congrats to your dad! What an accomplishment.

    That little ostrich is too cute.

  6. Anonymous7:16 pm

    Ppenny that is a gorgeous Lo and love the photos..priceless! Crack up laugh photo!
    Love the photos of your Dad ..he looks like an interesting man..happy retirement to him!

  7. Love the layout and yay for your Dad. :o)

  8. Anonymous9:29 pm

    gorgeous layout!

  9. I know what you mean about being an ostrich!! hehehee. Like your LO, very cute. Funny ... my kids do that too!! LOL
    Cool pic of your Dad ... fancy him been young enough to retire :)

  10. awwwww at that layout its stunning, I love the beading work. It was nice to read and see how your father was recognised for the service he has provided during his employment.

  11. that layout is gorgeous! what nice recognition for your dad.

  12. I love the tanty :)

    Congratulations to your Dad - I hope he enjoys his retirement!

  13. Hope you have had an enriching weekend :-) I have given you an award :-) Luv R

  14. Gorgeous layout!! You should put it on the wall. And go your dad - wish I had been invited to the lunch - yum!