Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am alive..

Christmas has been and gone
But thoughts of it remain
The recycling is full of wrapping paper
The scales report a gain


We had a beach picnic for Christmas lunch - try not to be blinded by the white kauri stumps I'm displaying...
The weather wasn't perfect, overcast and some sun but we enjoyed the beach and Aunty makes a great castle construction assistant. I did get in the water but only because DS wanted a swim and I had to assist. It was quite warm actually with the tide coming in over the sand flats that had been heated by the sun.

Have managed to do some crafty stuff. Two canvases (one not shown), and some cards. Really enjoying my Stampin' Up! stamps and accessories. Thank you Rachel :)

A double LO with Stampin Up! papers and Kaiser papers. I did some paper tole on the red blooms.
Of course there are more photos of Christmas but there are only so many I can be bothered putting on a LO!

DH and I decided not to get each other anything but we did treat ourselves to a few things in the Boxing Day sales. Can't believe we were crazy enough to go to the shops along with the rest of New Zealand! But I did get a Cuttle bug font at half price so that was cool.

Better get off here and go and plant my lettuces.


  1. I'm glad the weather was fine for your Christmas Day picnic! It didn't look good on Christmas Eve, did it?
    Don't worry about the gain on the scales, I'm sure most of us can say the same! Well, I could until yesterday, after spending a day in bed with a tummy bug which aided me in the weight loss department!

  2. Wow! Christmas on the beach. That sounds wonderful! We had snow for Christmas :) LOL! It is fun to see how different Christmas is around the world.

  3. Yay for Christmas at the beach ... looks like lots of fun ... lol at the wrapping paper in the recycling... Christmas sure does generate a whole lot of rubbish. Lucky you getting a cuttlebug font at half price!

  4. Our poor recycling people had such a lot to take away today.... and it wasn't only Christmas but all the clearing out that we've been doing.

    Your Christmas on the beach looked like great fun

  5. Looks & sounds like a nice day at the beach for Christmas. (Huh ... think I would win if we had a "kauri stump" blinding competition!!!) :-} Like your Lo's - very nice.
    Ohhh nice new banner too :-)

  6. Oh a beach Christmas is wonderful!

    As for the scales well, join me - tomorrow is New Years Day - a whole new year - a whole new me.And the white legs - I'm joining you!

    And a half price Cuttlebug! Next year I think I should just give the kids money and go shopping on the 26th (but I couldn't do it).

  7. Happy New Year Penny. Like the new banner. Loved your day at the beach. Well done on that cuttlebug bargain. We were crazy too and hut the sales on boxing day, we got in early and then left and breathed a sigh of relief once we got home.

  8. Love the idea of Christmas on the beach. Was cool here too but not too cold to stay inside :). And you think yours are white Kauri trunks, trust me, you have nothing on me ;)

  9. A Christmas Picnic. What a lovely idea! I will try that next year. DH and I are planning on running off to whereever it's snowing next year.