Saturday, August 05, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel

I'm a bad blogger.

But I have an excuse - we've been really sick with the 'flu. Not cold, but 'flu with it's attending chills, fevers, aches, racking coughs... the only thing we didn't have was the vomiting and trots. Neither of us have been to work all week and I don't thing we'll be going back on Monday either. I am improving, but it is really slow and not aided by the fact I can't take anything because of being pregnant.

Maybe later...


  1. Oh Penny that flu is a shocker, look after yourself and get well soon.

  2. thats no good, hope you're feeling much better soon.

  3. i don't blame you one bit for not blogging lately. hope you are feeling better really soon. take care!

  4. Bad blogger? You and me both:) Trying to keep some distanc eiwth the kids at the moment cause they have it... arrghh dont wanna be sick :( What a sad mother I am :)