Monday, August 14, 2006

First snow

The single photo we took of DS in the snow for the first time. Unfortunately, it isn't the best one of him.

We pointed out the mountain as we approached, and talked about the white stuff being snow. "My mountain!" he said. Once we got there and starting slipping about in the snow he wasn't too sure about the strange white stuff. "Cold." was his main comment as he tried to shake the ice off his gloves. We wanted to make a snowman, but the consistency wasn't that good; too icey, and I couldn't roll any snowball. We did find someone else's snowman, so at least he could say he saw one.

We shall have to go back one day and preferably not on a weekend! Parking was at a premium, the toilets had run out of toilet paper [yuk!], and the whole place just felt crowded and uncomfortable. I suppose it didn't help that we were all coming down with the lurgy.

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