Monday, August 14, 2006

20 Weeks Ultrasound

Here's baby at 20 weeks. Everything is measuring on track which is a great reassurance. We did try and find out what flavour the baby is, but the tech wasn't 100% sure so I'm not committing myself to anything though we have some suspicions! Baby had it's legs very close together so it wasn't easy to see anything.

Shame really - I was intending to do some shopping! Well I still did, but for me this time. I had some birthday money so I bought myself some boots. It's been years since I had a pair of boots! ;-) I also got 2 new maternity bras - why do they make them so boring? I am going to have to make a trek to Mummy's Tummy in Ponsonby because they stock the HOTmilk brand of maternity bra.

Anyway, I'm halfway through this pregnancy. I haven't really "popped" yet though you can tell I'm pregnant for sure. I'm feeling well and I'm so glad I haven't had the heartburn like I did with DS - long may that last.


  1. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy - and with the cloth nappies. I admire your principles (although I am way too lazy to follow them). Good on you!!

  2. Wow, 20weeks already, that seems to have gone really fast, mind you I guess we didn't know for over half of that time!

  3. wahoo you're half way!! great looking scan. Bumma on not knowing the sex

  4. 20 weeks is such a milesonte. Hope you are keeping well. And I certanily agree about maternity bras - I found it really hard to get black ones - that's all I wanted!

  5. i can't believe you are at 20 wks already either! doesn't it go by so much faster w/ baby #2??

    wow! i'd never heard of those HOTmilk bras before. those are great!