Monday, July 17, 2006

New Urban Lily

Oh Yum!

Check out the new Urban Lily stuff.... love it all!

Visited my LSS on Friday and picked up a few things. I'm making an album for my parents-in-law's 40th wedding anniversary of their wedding photos. They are all scanned in now, and I've printed off the first lot to start tonight with my little scrapping group. I'm a little stumped as to how I'm going to do this album. It is hard to decide on the papers because I'm not sure if I should cater to my own tastes or my perception of what my MIL will like - because lets face it, she's the one who is going to appreciate it the most! ;-)

Trouble is, DH has had to stay in Chch unexpectedly so I don't have a baby sitter... so either I scrap by myself or I take DS with me. I've done that before and it was okay, but it is a late night for him. Decisions, decisions. If only my Mum didn't have her scrapping group on the same night.

Did a few other things over the weekend, but won't blog about them until I've uploaded photos!

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  1. Go on, take him, otherwise you will never make the decision on the album! Have fun.