Monday, July 17, 2006

Another list challenge

Alison S. has posted another list challenge

List those body parts you would like to change or replace

1. Probably my butt. Need I say more?
2. Sometimes I need a brain transplant. My one gets tired.
3. A metabolism (can that count as a "body part") that allows me to eat whatever I like without fearing for the load bearing capacity of my floor.

Mostly I'm happy with how I am.


  1. Ditto from me I think Penny. LOL re: the load bearing capacity of your floor!


  2. Like your comment that yiu're mostly happy as you are - what a reat way to be.

    (And I laughed at the comment you left on my blog that you were a nerd at school - so was I! So is my daughter. That's why I find Elliot such a struggle!)

  3. Definitely the fat stomach and I'd maybe go for an extra couple of inches (in height)