Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Baby update

I'm 15 weeks & 3 days now. The belly pic was taken at 14 weeks. I look a bit silly because DH was taking the picture with his new camera and fooling around with settings, so I wasn't sure he was pressing the button!

Getting bigger but still not really big enough for maternity clothes. Which creates a problem in one sense, because my pool of work-clothes-that-fit is decreasing. I also know that I will get so sick of my maternity clothes that I don't want to make the move too soon. They are winter clothes though, and since it is mid-winter I am so tempted.

Baby was doing well at last week's midwife appointment. We heard the heartbeat as soon as the doppler went on which is always reassuring. The problem with an anterior placenta (at the front of the uterus) is that I can't often feel the baby moving at this early stage. I have felt it.. it's like bubbles popping in my lower tummy. So hearing a heartbeat is comforting. I'm measuring on track, my blood pressure is great, and my iron count was "the best I've seen this week" according to my midwife!

I am putting on weight too which I know has to happen but it's hard to see the scales creep up when I was trying to lose it before I conceived. Oh well.

We've been thinking about what we need to get for this new one. Katmandhu was having a sale the other week so we got their baby back pack for half price. I'm pretty stoked about this because our old one (which was given to us) is really too old now. The straps are losing their padding, and furthermore, it is not as adjustable as I would like. For example, it is quite long in the torso which works fine for DH who has a long back, but not for me. The load bearing when I'm wearing it is not optimal. But YAY! the new one is adjustable and has a whole lot more bells and whistles. So... if you're looking for a baby pack, check out Katmandhu.

We hope to get a new baby buggy too (possibly a Mountain Buggy) but think we'll look on TradeMe for it. Also a changing table. Last time I used the top of the chest of drawers and it was good until DS got too long. I like having the height when changing naps- I find the bed is too low.
Ideally, we need another room in our house. But that isn't going to happen.


  1. good to hear the pregnancy is going well.

  2. Oh, what a gorgeous little bump you have. Sorry, I just looove pregnant tummys (probably cos mine isn't going to be that way again :-))

  3. congrats on the pg! Love buying new baby stuff! Love other peoples bellies - pity mine was never that cute!