Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What's wrong with women?

Alison S has posted a "list challenge" over on her blog. It sounds interesting so I'm going to join in. She randomly chose "What's wrong with women?" as the first topic. She says
(when I first opened the book I though NO WAY! but then I thought 'Why not?" - a bit of self analysis doesn't go astray occassionally
Soooooooo...... here goes.

1. Our downfall is chocolate. I just ate a whole packet of Malteasers by myself - how bad is that!!!!? I'm sure women have a chocolate centre in their brain that requires regular dosing.
2. We sometimes talk and analyse things too much. Some things just are the way they are because they are okay?
3. We can be horrible catty creatures at times both with each other and towards guys.
4. What is it about gossip and women... why are we so attracted to gossip? and related to that
5. Women's magazines - they make me gag.
6. Self-image and acceptance thereof. So easily affected by the beauty industry, media, social expectations etc
7. Body hair (see 6 above).
8. We just assume people know what we want and then get all snotty about the fact that others are not mind readers. Need to be more proactive or clear about expressing our needs and desires.
9. Some of our good qualities can turn against us at times. I'm thinking of situations where our natural tendency to nurture/empathise can actually be detrimental. Rather than getting out of relationships that are poisonous we tend to try and make excuses and think that love and care will "change" another. Sometimes it doesn't!

Hmmm very deep for Tuesday afternoon... think I need more chocolate! LOL!

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  1. nothing wrong with being addicted to chocolate - I'm not but some of my friends are, they've been in therapy for years!! LOL