Monday, May 29, 2006

The shock of the new

I'm so happy - I'm getting a new oven. It's so sad that something so mundane makes me excited! LOL!

It's a Fisher & Paykel "Oregano" one which has a double oven and a ceramic top.
That well known retailer Novell Lemming is letting us have it on their "3 year interest free" deal.

Goodbye rusting old Shacklock from the '70's! RIP in the kitchen in the sky.

The lovely delivery people will bring me the new one on Thursday, and take the old one away. I shall have to have a celebratory dinner... what should I make??? We got a pizza stone on the weekend too, and had nice homemade pizza. I had some trouble getting it onto the stone - I need one of those wooden paddle things. My dough stuck to the tray I used so I couldn't slide it off onto the stone. Needed to use more flour I think.

DH is teasing me he will expect 3 course gourmet dinners from now on.


  1. Woohoo Penny, that is so exciting, I love getting new stuff, even if it is for the kitchen!

  2. Oh the bliss of a new appliance - how cool (you won't groan when you think about cleaning it!)

  3. LOL a new oven would make me happy too!