Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sew-a-saurus maximus

Finished this project - Simplicity 1882

 Simplicity 1882

I started this 2012 but struck a number of issues - inflicted by myself!

 Firstly, I was impatient and got the pattern a size smaller than I should have, planning to grade it up.

Then, while I was cutting it out I had someone chatting to me which distracted me and I ended up cutting too small. Fortunately I had enough fabric to re-do the back bodice and add some to the back skirt. It's not perfect even now but it is what it is. I ended up binding some of the seams that were fraying because I didn't overlock them ... you know when you haven't got the right colour on the overlocker and can't be bothered re-threading? Yeah that.

 bias edge finished

I also finished my coffee sack ottoman - yay!

Coffee  sack Ottoman

It's stuffed with 5kgs of fibre fill and a plastic cube made from two plastic crate things that DH dissected and fused together.

Coffee sack Ottoman

I have heaps of projects planned and am trialling as a means to keep track of the patterns I want to use with which fabric from my stash. I have heaps of stash. It really needs to be rationalised... *hangs head in shame*

However! One thing I can't decide is which blouse to make from some navy polka dot cotton I have. So dear readers, what do you think?

This one? View E (the green gingham)

or Butterick 3524 view E?

Or this one? A retro bow blouse.

 Gertie's bow blouse?

So many patterns and fabric.. so little time.

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  1. Retro bow blouse!!! That would look freaking awesome in the polka dots!! See I am that excited that I am over using my!!!!! Loving the coffee sack ottoman. Loving the colour of that dress too, very lovely photo too. Isn't it funny all I see is a gorgeous woman in a gorgeous dress, I don't see the imperfections you speak of. We can be our won worst task master at times. I did laugh when you said the photo would make a good one for the funeral thingy, I sometimes think like that too lol.