Thursday, May 03, 2012

Pie Odyssey #6 Steak & Ale Pie & #7 Mince & Potato Pie

Onwards with the Pie odyssey!! Next on the list was the Steak & Ale one. I had to go and look up the difference between beer and ale, but in the end I got a light beer to use since it was being sold by the bottle. Not being beer drinkers it seemed overkill to get the 12 pack of ale..

You make the filling first.  Lots of mushrooms in this one which DH isn't so keen on.  Still I kept them chunky so he could give them all to MEEEEEEE.

Putting it in the pastry (bought puff pastry).  I do like the butter puff best, but this was bog standard sheet puff pastry.

mmmmmm pie

Next up... Mince & Potato Pie. This one is kind of like Shepherds Pie in a pastry case. I was a mildly concerned that the potatoes might be overkill with the pastry but it wasn't.

I liked having all the vegetables in there.  Yep, looks like the picture ;-P

The pastry called for lard which I didn't have so I used a combination of butter and shreddo.  I think next time I'll use all butter.  The pastry was hard to work with and quite crumbly.

At the suggestion in the book I made a gravy to go with the pie.  It was so easy to make and delicious too, I'll be doing it again.  You saute some onions, add some flour, some wine and stock, bubble it up until it thickens and then sieve it.

All pies were greeted with much appreciation from all!


  1. Of course they were appreciated:-) the mushrooms would be my favourite part!

  2. that was devious keeping the mushies big so you could get them lol. I am with R, on the mushie front. Mind you if you had cut them smaller I would have eaten them lol......fussy much? you bet ya!! Now that mince and tattie one looked great and yum at the gravy and what a simple recipe for the gravy too.......yum your pies are making me hungry.