Monday, May 14, 2012

Another dress.. New Look 6000

My interest in sewing has piqued again with the completion of my vintage style dress.  My lust appreciation of vintage style things has risen and I find myself rabidly subscribing to a bunch of sewing blogs where retro is the theme.  (Consequently the number of scrapbooking blogs is decreasing - the industry style ones I might add - the personal blogs of friends I've made are still there).

As a direct result of some sewists in the UK and elsewhere blogging about New Look 6000 I purchased the pattern.

I loved the collar detail and cuffs on the red dress featured.  I also confess that the fact the main picture is of a red dress influenced me heavily.

Of course, my luck with patterns from a certain large store starting with S is hit and miss so the day I asked they only had the sizing up to 16... "No problem" I thought, "I can deal", not thinking about my current state of tum bulges and thunder thighs.  So I got it.  Fast forward to my actually laying out the pattern and realising there might be an issue with my larger bust and Thunder Thighs. Fortunately there is a lot of ease in the pattern but I did grade up parts of the pattern to a larger size to accommodate the aforementioned.  I also lengthened the dress by a good 20cm - it still sits above my knees when seated though. [Insert moan about trend for short dresses]

Taking self portraits is so tricky!  Should have asked DH to help... impatient me. Here I am with a slice out of my head and the need for fill flash.

Sewing the pattern was straight forward enough.  I choose to do the view without the pleats this time, fearing it would accentuate my tummy bulges but I do like the effect the pleats have on others.

I think I mucked up cutting the cuff size because mine do not meet in the middle like they are supposed to.

The collar was surprisingly easy to do.  It's a bit wonky in the photo because I washed the dress last night and should have set the machine on a different setting as well as done a better job of ironing.  I love the oversized button.

The fabric is a wool/lurex mix I got from a sale.  It's nicely textured and a nice weight for autumn.

Although it would look vastly better on a skinnier version of me, I really like wearing this dress.  Makes me feel happy.  I am on the lookout for some red fabric of suitable weight for another make.


  1. Love that collar and big button, and you look beautiful Penny. And hello, love love red and would love to see you in a red dress.

    I think you would love these classes I will have a go at inserting link. They used to be Golding handcraft, but they have new owners and I like they way the shop is heading. I loved the idea of vintage make up and hair class too.

    And I know you would love the vintage sewing classes.

  2. ohhhh i do LOVE this dress! i follow this blog which at the mo is mostly about vintage dresses and accesories - mostly from goodwill stores :) a bit of fun :)

  3. Looks awesome! Almost enough to make me wear dresses again!

  4. great dress! I admire your sewing skills:-)