Monday, May 30, 2011

Blogging, every day of June

Last year, a group of us decided to blog every day of June. This is a heads up to say we're doing it again this year, though some days I'll be blogging over at The Room of Infinite Diligence about library related stuff.

Over the weekend I made two nuno scarves for two different people.

"Blue skies and flowers"
Blue skies and flowers: aqua silk chiffon/merino nuno felt scarf

"Breath of winter"
Breath of winter: grey & pink silk/merino nuno felt scarf

You can click through to my Flickr to see the details if you're interested.

I also made some booties for Miss4. I liked how these turned out but it was a learning experience for me. There were 4 layers of wool in this project which I found difficult to work with in terms of feeling the resist and eliminating seams. I ended up with a ridge along the edges of the resist because the merino inner felted a bit faster than the outer. I managed to work it out a bit but not entirely. Shrinking the boots to Miss4's feet was hard work but fortunately she was willing to sit there and let me use her feet as the "last". She was giggling away as I was rubbing the soles - I think it tickled a bit.  I sewed some leather on as soles to help prevent slipping.

Wet felted booties

I found a place online that sells vintage kimono silks ( ).  I ordered some remnants. They arrived the other day - I'm excited to try them out as embellishment for felting, but also think they will work for card making and scrapbooking. 

Kimono remnants


  1. I like the name of your scarves they really suit the final product. I had a wee giggle and Miss L, it was like she had her own foot personal massage, her booties are so cute. I am really enjoying watching your progress with the felting. Eeeks not sure if I can blog everyday during June lol, 5 years ago possibly lol. But I look forward to reading your posts.

  2. Beautiful work and the kimono off cuts are so pretty

  3. Looking forward to June blogging.