Thursday, December 02, 2010

Homemade Christmas 2010

Around this time of year I find myself thinking of making stuff for Christmas.  I enjoy making it and giving it away.  Many of the food related things I make are found in this document here Homemade Christmas Recipes.

My Eco-bag tutorial is still available but there are many more tutorials on how to make eco bags, gift bags and totes out there on the "Internets". Try searching the Sew Mama Sew blog for example. Or, download the free patterns from Ottobre.

You might like to make a fairy skirt for a little girl.

This year I want to make this fudge that Mel posted.

I have cheated a bit with the family Christmas card this year.  I herded the family out to the park for family photo - always tricky to get one where everyone looks semi normal.  Anyway, we got something that is ok (posted on Facebook).  To take some of the stress out of it I used some of the free templates for digital cards found on Write.Click.Scrapbook and uploaded it to Snapfish. 

Miss 3 discovered my stash of pirate clobber (in preparation for the work Christmas party which is pirate themed).  Apparently the sword is for sawing which makes sense if you just listen to the word sounds and ignore the spelling.


  1. What an adorable little pirate you have there :)

  2. A Christmas Pirate! Cool! I can just imagine Santa handing over his bag :-)!

  3. L sure is a cutie :-)
    I haven't done much for Christmas yet ... let alone think about Christmas cards! sigh ... so typical of me!

  4. Thanks for sharing the homemade recipes Penny. There are some great recipes in there that I think I can make. I am trying as much to make presents or give experiences this year rather than just

    Lydia makes a gorgeous pirate.

  5. cute:) i have a craft/goodie exchange and i'm off to comb your links, not being especially crafty myself.

    happy advent to you

  6. I still use my eco-bag from you all the time. Think of you every time I use it.