Thursday, September 23, 2010


well I have some flowers at least.  These ones will be winging their way to Rachel for a very belated birthday present!

As for the weather - bah humbug.

What has been happening round here?

1. We have had a run of birthdays - Sept is our "birthday" month in our family.  My 2 sisters, SIL and Mr7 all have birthdays one after the other.  Mr7 was stoked to get lots and lots of lego which is his current obsession.  (Thomas is on the out and out).  Fortunately I've been keeping an eye on the sales and got some good deals.

He had a low key party with some mates over to play lego.

And of course, the inevitable train cake which he requests every year since I bought this particular cake pan.  Worth the NZ$25.00!

2. We have had more than our fair share of sickies.  Various permutations of the cold virus with a bit of tonsillitis for Mr7 thrown in.

3. I have to give a paper at an e-fest in Hamilton with a colleague of mine. Neither of us were particularly keen but we were shoulder tapped to do it. It's the first time I've done this sort of presentation.

4. DH got 9 images accepted for a book being published in November by the publisher Potton.  It's going to be called New Zealand: Eye on the Landscape so if you see it take a look.  DH is feeling chuffed about this one and rightly so.

Personally I am ready for some decent weather and a few days off during the school holidays.  


  1. Wow - congrats to hubby! That is a very famous name!
    And a big raspberry to the weather and associated illnesses. I am so totally over it (as the younger generation say) :)

  2. The flowers look great. Well done to your hubby and I hope all the sickness is now gone. We had train cakes for many years too

  3. Ohhh thank you :-) I will look forward to receiving them :-)
    Mr 7 looks VERY happy with his lego haul :-) Aaron is getting into lego as well! He still plays with Thomas though :-)
    YAY for Rod what great news :-) Big congrats from us.