Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nuno felting

This was my first attempt at nuno felting.  This type of felting is where wool is felted on to other fabric.  I used cotton chiffon and it did work but if was very hard work!  I think I will use something finer next time, hopefully silk or something.

This is what it looks like spread out.  The felt is around the edges and also on the scarf itself.

First attempt at Nuno felting

As the wool felts up it brings the chiffon with it creating a cool texture. The edge was made with light pink wool.

First attempt at Nuno felting

I used grey and pink wool for the circles and waves in the middle of the scarf.

First attempt at Nuno felting

Here I am modelling it. Ignore my stupid grimace.  I wore it to the conference where I presented a paper with my colleague. A couple of folks admired it. :-P

Me modelling first attempt at nuno felting

I think I'm finally ready to move on to felting something with a resist. Hopefully a beret. 


  1. Anonymous3:00 pm

    Penny I'm in awe as always of your creative energy.

    Felting still appears to be one of those mysteries of the universe that I will probably never begin to unravel, but I do enjoy looking at the results :-)

  2. Very nice - like what you have fastened it with too.