Sunday, June 21, 2009

weekend away

FIL has been in hospital for a gall bladder removal, so we went up north to see the whanau on the weekend.

We decided to go for a $2.00 thrill and check out the new toll road and tunnel. Reckon for $2.00 the tunnel should have been longer! ;-)

On the way up we thought we'd visit Tawharanui to see what it was like. DH wanted to vet it for photographic possibilities and I was keen to see what it was like for camping. It was a lovely crisp, clear day.

The kids and I played on the beach while DH wandered round the rocks.

Both of us have favourable reports about it so looks like we will re-visit it.

After lunch we headed further north to Whangarei. Tim complained about having a sore tummy. I thought he was just grumbling until he chundered all over the back seat, his car seat and the foot well just as we came into Warkworth. *gag* So we had to pull into the rest area and clean him up. Amazing what you can do with tissues and wet wipes! Thankfully we had some clean clothes for him. DH was ready to give up and go home but we'd come so far, and I knew SIL and MIL were keen for our visit. So we pressed on. Tim seemed ok - a bit pale but he thought it was cool I let him have chewing gum.

"I hold it with my teeth and don't swallow it eh Mum?"

We got there with no further puking incidents and I wrote it off as car sickness, but he did have another go after dinner so I sent him to bed early. He was fine the next day.

We visited FIL several times and spent a quiet weekend with them all. The kids enjoyed the novel toys, I enjoyed them messing up somebody else's lounge for a change!

Here they are Sunday morning before we headed out for church.

Here's SIL teasing her brother by giving him a kiss.

Here is MIL watching her kids being silly! :-)

FIL has been allowed to go home today, so everyone is pleased about that.


  1. love the tunnel and beach shot. Ugh at Tim being sick poor mite. Sounds like he had a bug that was going round here too. but whooo hooo chewing gum is my trick too after a puke fest lol. Awwww sounded like a wonderful visit away too.

  2. Anonymous9:32 pm

    cool new photo on your header!

    Poor Tim, nothing worst than being car sick.

  3. Yeah, the tunnels are pretty short!! But our boys love going through them. We figure it's worth the 2 bucks to keep them happy for at least part of the trip, lol.

    Poor Tim, that's the worst (kids throwing up the car). We had that on the windy road to Hahei. A nightmare to clean up!

    Love Tawharanui. Went up the other Sunday and had a ball climbing trees, clambering over rocks, rolling down grassy hills. Fab spot. Used to camp there as a teen. Awesome HUGE surf!!

  4. Car sickness sucks. Poor Tim! Woo hoo, getting some of mum's chuddy though.

    I love Tawharanui too. Hope you get to camp there in the warmer weather.

    Still to go through the tunnel. Don't get north very often these days.

    Bet your kids would love the Lyttleton Tunnel, that's really long.

  5. Yuck and puke in the car - and sometimes that smell can linger for days. Glad you had a good time though and that FIL is home

  6. Love the everyday 'real' photos of your inlaws ... the kind that show the house and context as well as just the person. Ick at the car sick thing ... but it really is amazing what you can clean up with tissues and wetwipes!

  7. Been there babe!
    I must admit to sitting on the side of the road crying at the mess! hahaha
    baby carseats are the worst for cleaning vomit off. SOOO many little nooks n crannys.

  8. OOOH After I post I remember what else I was going to say....
    you were sooo lucky with the weather looks FANTASTIC! We have a night away at the beach this weekend...
    boooo RAIN!!!

  9. Long time since I took a inspirationsurf around the net. I really need to gather lots of fun ideas.


  10. The beach looks lovely, if a little chilly!

    The thought of vomit in the car gives me the horrors. Yuk.

    I see you already spotted the blog award I gave you :-)

  11. Poor little thing (and poor you!) Looks like a cool trip though - and good news about your FIL :)

  12. Carsickness sucks. My experience is that the kids do grow out of it but I haven't!

  13. LOVE those beach shots Penny!! Sounds like a great family visit in spite of the puking :)

    Good to hear your FIL is now safe at home :)

  14. The tunnel, beach, and the kids! Good weekend.