Sunday, February 22, 2009

Painting the bedroom

Last weekend we moved our bed out into the lounge and got things ready for the next big DIY project. Painting the master bedroom. We've only had the paint for..uh.. 2 years waiting to get started. The folks who had the house before must have liked the colour on the walls because they used the same tone for the whole house, including the ceilings. Fine for trying to sell your house I suppose but personally I like my ceilings to be white and to have a bit of variation for the rest. And of course I am the epitome of taste. (HA! NOT).

Here are the bedroom "before" photos. The pile in the middle is our drawers and my scrapbooking stuff. Those blinds are going. I hate them with a passion. I'm putting up net curtains and drapes. Much softer effect, I can wash them in my machine and they don't rattle at night in the breeze when I'm trying to sleep.

Another view.

DS took a photo of Mummy in her gorgeous painting overalls which used to belong to my grandfather. They were soon dispensed with because it was so hot! The scarf is to prevent dust and paint getting in my hair. I always manage to get paint in my hair.

Of course, Missy Moo must be the same as Mummy so we had to tie one around her head too. DS also took this photo ;) And many more which I deleted! After all, one doesn't need that many photos of screwdrivers, paint pots, ladders and other DIY gear. DS might have a different opinion I guess.


  1. LOL, you are not alone I like my ceiling a different shade to my walls to pref. white NOT wallpaper on my ceiling either. Had a flat in CHCH in the 90s that had wallpaper on the freaking ceiling! Dad said it was quite the thing to do many years back. I hate those blinds too, vertical or horizontal, it doesn't matter - they are all UGLY and dust collectors.

    The photo of Missy Moo is tres cute.

    LOL, at DS and his photos. Least he got you in the shot, Penny.

  2. Wow, go you.

    I don't mind ceilings being all the same, but like you hate those blinds. Used to have some. Never again. LOL!

  3. Wow you guys are really getting going on the DIY :-) lol at DS taking photos of everything :-) heheee Thankgoodness for digital cameras huh!

  4. Oh la la
    Sexy momma
    Nothing yummier than a woman in overalls.

    The head scarves are wicked too!

  5. Yes after receiving a quote for $3300 last week to paint just our bedroom including wallpapering just one wall (the quote did not not include buying the 3 rolls of wallpaper or stripping the old paper) I have decided to do it myself. Stripping has started - it'll be a work in progress for several weeks I suspect.