Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wordle is cool

Wordle: Blog Words

My blog from Wordle

Funny how Book, list and read are rather large...


  1. wordle is cool isn't it. LOve those strawberries and yum at your Jam making session. Will take a look at the list tonight adn email you my vote later tonight. BTW Lydia's cake was gorgeous love the theme.

  2. I would never have guessed those words would come up on your blog, haha ;)

    Very cool!

    And can I just say now that I love your blog because it is a fabulous mix to so many of the things in life I love - family, books, food, gardening, crafts....

    Off to check out Wordle for myself now. :)

  3. Wordle is beyond cool :)

  4. yes- I like wordle too! There are a couple of people doing wordle songs- have a look on Flickr- they Wordle the words to a song- and then ask you have to guess it?
    sorry I haven't got back to you about book group- at #io2009 and not a lot of time- happy to go with suggestions offered. I won't be online much next week as camping...so catch up in early Feb