Friday, August 24, 2007

i want

this cool reading-in-a-bookshelf-space....

Recently read and enjoyed and recommend the following:

The Birth House by Ami Mckay

Recently read and kind of enjoyed but couldn't quite connect with:

History of love by Nicole Krauss


  1. Me too - that look neat!

  2. my mum just recommended the birth house to me, im next on the list for her copy. always good to have a double recommendation!

  3. cool website!I bet the kids would love it too. My fav on that site is the TUtu chair looks a little like a star throne.

  4. Thanks for the recommendations - will write them down!

    And that reading space looks like me! Love it

  5. That bookshelf is pretty cool but it looks like it might be a little uncomfortable after awhile. Plus, it's a little modern for my tastes.

    I'll have to check out those books, I'm always looking for recommendations.