Friday, February 16, 2007

The elusive first smiles


DD has starting smiling and cooing - it's so sweet. It's neat how just at this time, (when you are starting to get a bit sick of the mundane feed/sleep/change routine), the baby's brain kicks in and you get rewarded with interaction! Somehow it just opens up your heart more, and the love gets bigger.

Trying to catch the first smiles is jolly hard! My camera is pretty quick but even so, I only have a few decent ones.

She is doing well; is over 5kgs now and has a nice chunky feel to her when I cuddle her.

I had an interesting conversation with DS this morning while getting him dressed. As I pulled the shirt over his head he said, "Don't touch the furry things!"
Turns out he was talking about his eyelashes! LOL!

He has some amusing names for things - a recent one is "tangled eggs" for scrambled eggs. He will eat tangled eggs but not poached, fried or hard boiled eggs. *shrugs*


  1. Oh she is looking gorgeous :)

  2. Lovely pic of bubs.
    Lol at the tangled eggs

  3. awww, love those first smiles. she is so cute! i just wanna kiss those chubby cheeks. :)

  4. Beautiful! Love the chins :)

  5. LOL about the tangled eggs! My 3 kids won't eat eggs fullstop!

  6. oh very cute. love the smile (and the almost wink)!
    and ... yes, watch out for those furry things : don't touch!! LOL

  7. she is adorable Penny. I want to have cuddles with her. Love your sons furry bits. Wow that marry go round at the steam day looked amazing too. I too think it's nice to be thanked by customers on top of being's nice to be recognised and I am sure she will love your tin and the sentiment and the voucher.

  8. Oh Penny, she is just too cute. Love those first smiles :-)