Monday, September 11, 2006

Eventful past few days

This month is normally a busy one for me. Check out the line up:
  • Father's Day 3rd Sept
  • Youngest sister's birthday 3rd Sept
  • Middle sister's birthday 10th Sept
  • SIL's birthday 14th Sept
  • DS's birthday 17th Sept
  • 23rd Sept Pirongia Craft show where I'm helping a friend with a stall, and also making some things to sell at it
  • KS dessert recipe swap deadline 30th Sept *done, done, done!
  • plus have to make a tag book for my uber-boss who's retiring (Oct 6, but need to do it this month)
So you see why I didn't want another baby in Sept.

To make life more exciting, DS woke up last Wednesday with a spotty face and torso. He's had a cold and cough but no fever. I immediately went into chicken-pox-alert-mode and made an appointment with the Dr. By the time the appt time came (12 o'clock) the spots had gone, with the exception of one suspicious one under his arm. The poor Dr. of course couldn't definitely say if it was chicky pox. So we went home none the wiser, and I rang daycare to alert them to the potential.

As it turns out, I was worried all for nothing and now feel like the boy who cried wolf. DS buzzed around doing his normal nearly 3-yr-old stuff. No fever. No spots.

The problem is, I've never had it. I've been exposed a number of times, but Mr Varicella hasn't ever caught me. Being pregnant I had no desire to be a victim now so I got sent for a blood test. Just as well it was a false alarm because the results say I have no antibodies. So guess who'll be getting a jab once this baby is born!


  1. Yikes - that is a bit of a scare! I know someone who had chicken pox as an adult and she said it was horrible (but obviously even more of a concern if you are pregnant!). Hope those bugs keep away!

  2. wow that is one busy month. Well done on getting those recipes done. Phew at it being a false alarm!!

  3. Scary stuff with the chicken pox, yep after seeing Mum being hit with shingles I would definitely recommned that shot. A hugely busy month for you, hope you are scheduling lots of relaxing time too.

  4. Busy month, September ... I thought ours was busy but we have *nothing* on you!!
    Take care on the chicken pox scare ... keep him away from kindy maybe ... my brother's kids have just had a really bad bout.

  5. pleased it wasn't the pox! Hope my kids get it soon though so they can grow some antibodies! What a hugely busy month!

  6. Glad it wasn't chickie pox.
    Wow you do have a few birthdays in Sept don't ya?

  7. hey our DS's share the same birthday!! Michael will be 5 and is having a pirate party.

    And my mums birthday is the 14th and my brother is the 24th

  8. wow, busy month indeed! i didn't realize DS's b'day was so close. :) are you planning a party for him?

    glad the CP scare turned out to be a false alarm. i can't imagine having CP as an adult, let alone while pg.

  9. I so hate it when the kids are really sick and by the time you get in to see the doctor they are miracuously well - and I look like paranoid mohter again!

  10. What a busy bee you are going to be this month! I was a basket case with my two kids as I was negative for CMV- 90% of population have had it. I hadnt. I worked in a hospital at the time and was coming into contact with it weekly. But you know what? My boss (medical scientist) put it into perspective for me..he said Delys, if you havent had it for 29 years I dont think you are gonna get it. He is right. Dont worry!