Monday, September 25, 2006

Bridal Veil Falls

On Saturday (while I was at the craft fair) DH took DS and had a Father-son bonding day. They went to Bridal Veil falls and a few other places. Apparently it all went well, and DS was a really good boy waiting for DH to take photos (of which there were many) and walking along most of the tracks without assistance. Considering he was up at 4am with the rest of us and didn't go back to sleep like I expected him to I was most impressed and relieved. Apart from his nappy falling out his trouser leg on some steep steps, there were no disasters! LOL!

Dh was pretty pleased with his photos too.

Happy husband + Co-operative son = good.

Here is one of the photos DH took.


  1. glad that the day went well for everyone. :)
    and WOW!! that's an awesome picture that dh took. you all are lucky to live near such a beautiful place.

  2. lol I saw Bridal Veil first and thought oh I want to see photos and then I saw falls and laughed at myself. Sounds like the boys had a fab day.

  3. Oh almost clucky again, but not quite :) So wondering what is bridal veil