Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More list challenges

Alison S is at it again... setting list challenges!

List 1: List What's Wrong With Men.
Let me count the ways... LOL! No - seriously I love my man tho' he does know how to push my buttons at times
[cough... that sounds rude].

1. Why can't they take hints? Why do I have to spell out things like what I want for my birthday. Sometimes it's nice to be surprised by.. I don't know.. flowers or summat.
2. Their awareness of housework that needs to be done is at a different level! [giggle]
3. One thing women do better is network and support each other. Men seem to find this difficult which is a real shame because they need to support each other to be men. The feminisation of our society bothers me at times (especially in our school system), and I think men need to be given permission to be male, to be different to women. To be a man is a glorious thing and nothing to be ashamed of - just like it is a glorious thing to be a women. We will always be different, better at some things than the other and why should that be a problem? Vive la difference! Can you tell I'm the mother of a son? ;)

List 2: List all the Ways the Government Lies to You.
hmmm. Don't know if I can think of anything for this one. It's more like they make grandiose statements which sound grand but the reality is far more in the range of mediocre. For e.g. they make a big deal about working families getting a childcare subsidy which is great... but there is a cap on the maximum you're eligible for, so essentially it works out (for me) to be about 2 weeks free childcare for the whole year. I realise they have to cap it, but it almost isn't worth me applying KWIM?

As for wiping interest off student loans... that made me so mad having spent all but 3 years of my working life paying off my @#$% student loan. Seems unfair that I essentially took a paycut for 7 years. Oh well... whinge whinge. I suppose I did get some parental leave payment out of my taxes during that time.

Enough of that.

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