Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Heart-melting words

My baby has learnt to say it at last!

"My loves you Mummy." [usually accompanied by a hug]

Excuse me while I swoon with love...

It makes up for the times when he's less than good:
  • Throwing toilet rolls in the toilet bowl
  • Smearing arnica cream all over himself and everything else
  • Undoing the zip on the beanbag so all the beans come out
  • Having meltdowns in the supermarket
Speaking of supermarkets - I was in the local Kaitaone yesterday and trying to locate some gruyere cheese (ended up having to get an expensive Swiss one because their selection there is hopeless - I like to buy local NZ ones) when I see DS crawling along the floor beside the freezer. What on earth! You see - he has this "thing" about fans. And the freezers all have fan vents in their bases. So he was crawling along looking at each one and confirming to himself that they were working.

Does this mean I have a future ventilation engineer?


  1. oh he looks so cute, and so loving when they start telling you they love you!!

  2. oh and yes I clean the toilets everyday and wash both hand basins. Its washing the floors I'm really slack on.

  3. Oh Penny, that is just so cute. Definitely a heart melter. I love how toddlers are so cute just to remind you not to lose it when they completely frustrate you.

  4. awww, those words are magical. :)
    love the story about the fans. he's a smart one. :)