Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Poor neglected blog.  Time for an update I think!

So time passes and I'm emerging from the fog of change.  I'm learning a lot! Fortunately I have some good allies and examples as I move from minion to manager thinking processes.  (I still am a minion to others though which keeps me humble). I am learning to care about stuff I would have dismissed as annoying minuteae .. Well some of it anyway.  Some of it is still silly.  

I can see there are going to be good opportunities within the system I am in and this is a positive change for me.  

The daily commute is still long.  I spend quite a bit of time on my phone while on the bus. Social media features of course,  but surprisingly I have found it a good time to do my daily Bible devotions too. I had thought that audio books would be good too, but for some reason I find it better for my mental health to just be quiet in my own head.  I think it is that introvert thing of needing time alone to recover after interacting with people all day.

So stuff happens even if I don't blog.

We went and saw Alice the TBM.  She was pretty impressive! 

Miss6 wrote our names on a piece of the tunnel - so when we drive through it we can imagine our names on it somewhere!

The lava flow the works has exposed is quite amazing.

I have been involved in setting up a maker space at MPOW which includes a 3D printer. It is quite exciting to see the developments around the space and the engagement with staff and customers.

The children have finished school for the year and both have made progress in various ways. Miss6 does well at school - she is one of those kids for whom the school system works just fine. I have appreciated the efforts the school makes with Mr10 though.  We've have had opportunity to make an IEP for him and his teacher and the SENCO have been on to it in terms of looking for ways to help him.  One thing that has made a big difference for him is the iPad we bought for him at his teacher's request. It has meant he is able to by pass the difficulties he has with physical writing.  The additional help from SPELD and Kip McGrath has helped too. However, I think one of the biggest contributors to his improvements (apart from increased maturity) is the work his OT has been doing with him.

We have also discovered he has some allergies to dust, cats, wheat, some fish, soy, prawns and peanuts so I have been trying to eliminate those things as much as possible.  It isn't easy... or cheap.

Some of us folks on Twitter have been helping a women's refuge with things.  Their needs are ongoing though, so if anyone else has it in their heart to help there is a current list of needs here: http://goodeyemcwoowoo.wordpress.com/2013/12/16/looking-forward-to-the-new-year/

I have been doing some more crochet learning! Here are two beanies I am making to send to the refuge (Te Whare Marama).  Mum has been doing the cream one, I am following along with the red one.  It's quite relaxing. There are so many cool projects to do in crochet.  Learning to read the instructions on the pattern is like learning a new language though. Luckily I have Mum to show me and interpret.

That's all for now.  Is anyone going to do the blogging for 12 days of Christmas challenge?

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