Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In which I felt a Nyan cat hat

One of the young librarians at work is participating in Shave so I decided to make her a hat to cover her head in the cooler weather coming up.

Because we often joke about internet memes, I decided to make a hat based on one of them.  Nyan cat seemed to be one with a lot of scope. 

I made a rainbow pre-felt first.  This was my first attempt at pre-felt so I was a bit nervous about getting it right.  I used the resist I made for my head size with the idea that both J and I have large heads.

I made Nyan cat out of Fimo.  I had originally thought of making it as a button but I forgot to make holes before baking the polymer clay so it ended up as a brooch.

I used some roving Mum had got for me in Rotorua - I'm not sure what sort it it, it appears to have a longer fibre length than merino, but it felts in a very similar way.

The fibre felted nice and thick so the structural folds hold beautifully.

J liked it very much!


  1. That looks awesome Penny....what a great hat and I love the brooch. BTW am sending you some happy mail tomorrow.....keep an eye out for it.

  2. Well done! You are so clever. Love the rainbow part of the hat :-)

  3. Okay ... so maybe you need to come back to Wellington to give me hat lessons! Love the rainbow look.

  4. Very cute - it's been said before but... you really are clever!