Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Artist in residence

Miss4 is a prolific artist.  Almost everyday she comes home from daycare with a clutch of drawings, paintings, box constructions or something she has created.  I've given up trying to keep them all!  Which makes me feel a bit stink, but there is no scrapbook that could contain them.

She loves to colour and draw.  She also likes to make cards with me, especially when it involves using punches or stamps.  I've given her a bunch of stash that I no longer use and she keeps that in her cubbies in her room.

Her drawings from daycare often have writing on them from the teacher who asks her what the picture is about.  Some of them are hilarious!  The picture she's drawn for those fund raising calendars involves the family taking Mr8 to the Dr.  Mr8 is coloured green because he's feeling sick. :-)

Her depictions of her family can be quite amusing.  Mostly we are round things with facial features and suitable appendages.  I feature quite a lot in her drawings.  She often borrows my notebook during our church meetings to do drawing.  The other week I told her off for some misbehaviour and she responded by drawing this "angry" mummy picture in my notebook.

#dailyimage2011 4 Oct grumpy


  1. oh that pic of you is funny. How can that be an angry mummy it's too cute!! I love how the teachers ask the children what they have drawn and the responses can be so amusing, when you match them up. You certainly have an artist on your hands.