Thursday, September 01, 2011

First day of spring!

And I'm at home with a bad cold.  Still, gives me some time to update the old blog.

On the weekend I did some more felting.  The wool I used was some dyed merino from a Felt member  Lynn to make this scarf.

A lattice style scarf (close up) Lattice scarf 2

Lattice scarf 1

Modelled by moi - I'm tossing up whether or not to felt some flowers to add to it.
#dailyimage2011 1 Sept flowers or not?

And another...

#dailyimage2011 28 Aug Paua Aroha

Paua Aroha

The other thing I tried was some dyeing with lichens. On our southern holiday I picked up some handfuls of lichens that had fallen onto the path.  I had a rather ancient book from the library Natural wool dyes and recipes by Ann Milner which has instructions for dyeing with this plant (and many others). Most natural dyes are quite muted colours so my expectations weren't high.  But I was pleasantly surprised with the nice tan colour that resulted.  I'm not totally sure of the lichen species as they are quite hard to identify without a flora, and even with one it can be tricky!  But I think the one I used comes from the The original colour is the cream on the bottom right.  Not entirely sure of the specific lichen name but I think it's one of the Pseudocyphellaria sp.

Lichen dyed tussah silk fibre

Now for some exciting news!

I have been fortunate to secure funding to attend a library conference in Wellington 29 Oct-2 Nov where I'll be presenting two posters.  A while back Beverley commented that should this occur, she'd like to do a felting class with me to learn to make these scarfs etc.  So, we've begun the arrangements for the class. 

It will be held 29th Oct - most likely at CraftHouse.  My plane gets in at 8am so I am hoping to get started 9.00am-9.30am or so.  Do you think I'll get my pool noodle I use for rolling felt into the overhead locker?  Hmmm...

There will be a cost for the class (something like $30), and I will make up some kits for participants to purchase should they wish it.  I'll also be providing a list of required materials and suitable vendors for participants who'd rather sort out their own.  Some sample scarfs will be heading down to Beverley for display purposes too.

It should be fun!  I don't claim to be an expert in felting but it is a forgiving medium and I am confident we can make something beautiful together.

Maybe I will see some of you there?


  1. Squeee! ... when you write it all out like that it sounds so exciting. I wanna make a teal one! And sorry to hear you have a cold, hope you feel better soon.

  2. That lattice scarf looks amazing, it reminds me of seaweed, just the amazing colours and textured look of it. Looking forward to you sharing your knowledge with us.

  3. Sorry about your cold, at least the scarves are cool!

    Spring? Well, still not warm enough to plant seedlings, I got the pots ready but I am to scared, it feels cold today... again!

    Keep warm


  4. Your scarves look awesome. Hope you are over your cold by now. And I do wish I could be in Wtgn for your workshop hehee