Saturday, April 16, 2011

March and April in pictures

For want of a blog post I did a mosaic of some of my daily photos from March and April.

Mosaic of #dailyimage2011

This project has been very interesting and somewhat challenging.  A lot of my photos are of what I'm doing at home since that is when I'm mostly able to think about taking a picture.  Must try for some more work related photos to better reflect what my life is like at present.  Also, food features a lot.

So, stuff that has happened:
  • baked some afghans
  • got a new car (and sold the other older one.. it has retired to the country)
  • managed to fall over and twist my ankle again, not quite as bad as last year
  • made a heap of quince paste
  • sewed up a monkey's bum
  • Also sewed a dress for me but am not happy with it so it'll probably go in the rag bag - very disappointing.  The pattern looked good, but once again I discover that my bust size is not accounted for in the sizing of these patterns. Meh. 
  • cooked multiple dinners
  • read some books
  • did housework

Stuff that hasn't happened:
  • felting
  • further fleece sorting, washing etc
  • scrapbooking (well, not for me anyway)

Hoping my holiday is going to revive the creative side of me... I desperately need some time and space for it.


  1. Hope you get some creative time and can find your mojo. Argh at the ankle that just sucks. Love the photo of the three of you, makes me feel all happy.

  2. It's the end of the holidays and I do hope that you got some creative time