Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mad inventor

Mr 7 is obviously going to follow in Gyro Gearloose's footsteps.

Below - diagram for his invention.  A whistle.

And the diagram realised.  Not sure why a whistle has guitar like strings though.

His parents look forward to being kept in the style to which they would like to become accustomed through the royalties from his patents.


  1. That;s so cute. Enjoy the flash lifestyle!

  2. You're right - our guys would get along well!

  3. love it!! Mr 7 is the kind of child who will love the technology papers in schools, about creating things and then making them. I look forward to seeing more of his inventions. Sit back and enjoy those royalties too.

  4. Excellent - he has the design process down pat!

  5. Very clever. I'm impressed!