Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Whither the Blogosphere Book Circle? | Parties and Nuno Felting

Well folks - I think the Blogosphere Book Circle has died a natural death and should be laid to rest with suitable pomp and ceremony.  For whatever reason, it's been tough for people to join in and read and interact over the books we voted for.

Instead I'm going to choose 12 books I want to read this year and post them on the blog here.  If you want to join me in reading those 12 books, then please do so and please share your thoughts and reactions. I won't have a particular month assigned to them, they will just turn up in my Reading Round Up posts as and when I get hold of them.

If you have any suggestions for books to include on that list I would love to hear them!

The other thing I'm thinking of doing is posting a photo of the book pile each time I go and get some from the library.  I think it would make an interesting photo essay of my reading in 2011.  If you like to join me, let me know.  Maybe we could make a group on Flickr. :)

In other news....

Miss 4 had her birthday party for her daycare friends - she enjoyed it immensely and didn't seem to stop bouncing the whole time.  The "Twinkerbell" cake turned out okay despite some naughty words on my behalf while rescuing expensive Tinkerbell sprinkles from a leaky Spray 'n' Wipe bottle that had fallen on the packet. I was pleased with my Green Tea and Chai French Macarons though (in the photo to the left of the cake).  So were my work colleagues when I brought in the left overs.  Note the hands-on-hip attitude my daughter has... she has so much self-assurance that I'm torn between admiration and horror.  Is this a 4 year old girl thing?  I don't recall Mr7 being like this at all. We seem to be having quite a lot of 'tude going on at present with answering back and general you-can't-make-me-do-it snarkiness.  Where has my sweet girl gone?  She does make an appearance here and there... enough to give me hope.


I felted another nuno scarf - this one for a colleague, very much like the other one I did.

Nuno scarf for Fran

School starts for Mr7 tomorrow, can't believe he's in "middle school" now... no more junior syndicate! I've got all his stationery and his uniform sorted. I don't think I'm going to bother covering it this year, unless he particularly asks. Must remember to take a photo of him tomorrow. I really hope this year is a better one for him academically.  He has a male teacher this year, so I'm curious to see if that has an affect on his attitude and learning (as sexist as that may sound).


  1. Anonymous5:07 pm

    *Hangs head in shame*

    I started with a hiss and a roar, but in the end I was a bad book circle member...

    Sorry about that :-(

  2. Glad she had a good party and your scarf looks lovely (as usual). Good luck to Mr 7 for school and I hope he has a great year

  3. Anonymous6:21 pm

    It's a 4 year old girl thing - trust me. Mine's 16 and it has sort of stopped....

  4. Your scarf looks lovely.
    Grinning to myself about Miss 4's attitude ... we've had that since age 3 and it's still going strong! I must say though I took cheese out of her diet and that really helped :-) It's probably just a stage & phase! Hopefully it will pass quick for you.
    Hugs R

  5. She looks very determined!! I must admit that I found the book circle hard to keep up with last year. I am still worling my way through some of the list though! I will keep an eye on your list and hopefully will join you with some. I have just started using Good Reads (slow learner) which seems an easier way to keep up with other people's reading.

  6. *hangs head in shame" also

    Happy 4th Birthday, Lydia!!!

    Apart from the 'attitude' I think it's wonderful to read of a wee girl with so much self confidence:)

    Your scarf is absolutely stunning, Penny!

    I will be watching with anticipation to see what 12 books you choose, as I've read several books from your reading roundups over the past couple of years and enjoyed them all.

    I had an idea that we set up a blog (or similar) where we can all post about books we've read and enjoyed. Think with would work better than our former book circle. What do you think?