Monday, January 10, 2011

New togs!!

I ordered some togs from Modcloth - yes, a bit of an extravagance but given the difficulty I have in finding some that look nice and a suitably modest, supportive and a colour I like... I think it was worth it.

#dailyimage2011 sunbathing in my bedroom

Sunbathing in my bedroom! Hee hee - nah, just posing for the #dailyimage2011 project I'm doing.  You can see the other photos on my Flickr stream.
So happy they fit and I feel great in them.


  1. They look great from here. Im so glad you treated yourself.

  2. yay I love mine too :o)

  3. Very nice! And I like the colour too

  4. Very nice and a fantastic photo of you! Very movie star-ish :-)
    I have the same issues as you with togs, but I actually managed to get a new pair while we were in Thailand (of all places!). Mine has a bit of a skirt on them :-) I got togs made especially to fit after I had Maddison and they are too big for me now! (yay) heheee

  5. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Very glam!

  6. So didja break out the new togs camping?
    SHOCK HORROR I exposed my belly on A beach up north.
    Thank GOOOODNESS for underwired bikini tops!

  7. sooo cute! man, i am jealous all around...cute suit, beach weather. sigh. (this AM was -9 degree F!)

  8. Love the suit! It looks like it suits you well... no pun intended! And for some odd reason your feeds weren't coming through to me. They all just popped up tonight. That's okay as it was lovely to spend a little time catching up with you!